We transferred our son to Ballam Park Primary School at the beginning of 2019. Going into grade 2, he was hesitant about changing schools, but settled in straight away. The teachers and students were so welcoming and friendly and he felt comfortable and more than happy to go there each day.

I have found all the teachers and school staff to be really approachable, there’s always lots of smiling faces to greet us. We had great support from the Principal and teachers when there was a death in the family, and our son has always been well looked after. The school and the classrooms are a great size, the children all get individual attention and are supported and encouraged in their learning. Our son is thriving at the school.

The community spirit at the school is great and I’ve easily made friends with other parents. I was quick to put my hand up for school council and have really enjoyed being involved with everything that’s happening. I’m excited to see the school grow and to be part of the new developments over the coming years, with our next child starting there in 2022.

Johanna Cahill

It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial for Ballam Park Primary School. I have two children attending this school, a daughter in year 3 and a son in year 1. To say they have enjoyed their time at Ballam Park is an understatement.

They have thrived in this environment. Mr Mace and staff make each child feel special and unique while providing them with the academic skills as they make their transitions through life. That is the exact scenario I wanted and I am sure all parents do for their children. As a member of School Council and an active member of Breakfast Club can be sure of the best possible care for my children at Ballam Park Primary School.

Mark Dohety

As a parent of 5 children all having attended Ballam Park Primary School over the last 13 years, I have seen so much growth not only in my own children but the school as well. The school has developed a culture of community with core values entrusting each child to strive to be their best.

The school has great Specialist programs in Art, Music, P.E and recently added Japanese and STEM all of which my children enjoy. The staff are kind and caring and nurture each child individually. My children have loved their time at Ballam Park and I as a parent of the school community have to.

Cassi Smith

I have been a parent at Ballam Park Primary School since 2013.  I chose Ballam Park Primary School for my two son’s due to the small class sizes, spacious shady playground, and quiet location.

I have been on the school council since 2018 and love being given the opportunity to have some input into the growth of the school.  I feel that my voice is always heard at meetings, and feedback is always welcomed by our principal, Mr Mace and staff.

The teachers and staff at Ballam Park Primary School have always been friendly and supportive for both of my boys.  I have no doubt they priorities the education and safety of not only my children, but all students.

I cannot recommend Ballam Park Primary School high enough to anyone who is considering enrolling their children here.

Kirsty Ingram

It’s been great being a part of Ballam Park Primary. I’ve enjoyed doing the Breakfast Club, seeing all the happy kids in the morning and getting to know other parents and the teachers. I joined the Fundraising Committee and it’s fun being involved in the many special events at the school, including Father’s Day breakfast, Footy Day, Christmas raffles and special BBQ days for the kids. My son loves seeing me at the school and helping out with Breakfast Club and it’s great seeing him so happy and having fun with his friends.

I cannot recommend Ballam Park Primary School high enough to anyone who is considering enrolling their children here.

James Cahill