Japanese language and culture at Ballam Park Primary School.

Australia has close links with Japan through trade, tourism and culture. Learning about the spoken and written Japanese language here at Ballam Park Primary School can give our students an insight into this fascinating country. This also prepares our students for secondary college as they will continue to study Japanese if they attend McClelland Secondary College.

Students at Ballam Park Primary started learning Japanese in 2021 and continued their learning in 2023. All students from Foundation to Year 6 will participate in a 50 minute session once a week.

During Japanese, students will be practising the language and how to write in the three different writing systems (Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana). Students will look at a range of different topics including geography, numbers, body parts, colours, and calendars just to name a few. 

Throughout, students will have the opportunity to learn traditional games, songs and understand special customs in Japan.